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22 July 2012 @ 06:23 pm
Thirty Days of Borgias: Day Twelve  
Day 12 ~ Historical Crackship: Who belongs together, time and space be damned?

Well, I have one that would actually work, date wise, without needing to bend time and space: Micheletto/Michelangelo Buoanarotti. The young Michelangelo came to Rome during the time Rodrigo was Pope. So: he's surly tempered, very competitive (ask Leonardo), brooding and given to sarcasm, good with his hands, with a surprising gift for words given his main field of genius was being a sculptor with a sideline of painting (but really, the man wrote some fantastic sonnets), a canny businessman (ask Not Pope Yet della Rovere, with whom he later negotiated re: Sixtine Chapel), and definitely had, to quote the show, an appreciation of the male torso. IS HE MICHELETTOS TYPE OR WHAT?

If you want a time and space bending crack ship, though, I have tosay one of the reasons why River Song gets along so well with Father Octavian in Time of the Angels is that she had a fling with Rodrigo and is feeling a bit nostalgic. She'd have mentioned it except that nobody is shocked to hear such things about the Borgia Pope, so really, what's the point of kiss and tell?

Day One ~ Picture or gif that expresses your reaction to the show.

Day 02 ~ Favourite female character.

Day 03 ~ Favourite male character.

Day 04 ~ Favourite antagonist.

Day 05 ~ Favourite quote from The Borgias.

Day 06 ~ Who do you ship?

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Day 08 ~ Favourite moment so far.

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Day 10 ~ Would you rather be a cardinal or a soldier?

Day 11 ~ Favourite outfit worn by anyone.

Day 12 ~ Historical Crackship: Who belongs together, time and space be damned?

Day 13 ~ Re-Write History: Something you wish had happened.

Day 14 ~ Re-Write History: Something you wish never happened.

Day 15 ~ FREE DAY - Anything you’d like

Day 16 ~ Link to an interview or video you think is funny.

Day 17 ~ Favourite episode.

Day 18 ~ Give some advice to one of the characters.

Day 19 ~ Character that’s the most like you.

Day 20 ~ What do you like best about The Borgias?

Day 21 ~ Link to a Borgias blog.

Day 22 ~ Make or link to a graphic of your favourite ship.

Day 23 ~ Cesare, Juan & Lucrezia: Shag, marry, stab - what would you do?

Day 24 ~ Favourite quote from The Borgias.

Day 25 ~ Good riddance: Who have you not been sorry to see killed off?

Day 26 ~ A scene you can watch over and over again.

Day 27 ~ Fightin’ words: Who would you like to see in a fight to the death?

Day 28 ~ Fancast: Who would you like to see in a role on The Borgias?

Day 29 ~ Link to a fanvid you like.

Day 30 ~ How would you end the show?

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